Climate Change Refugees

One of the founding principles of Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia was that of a steady state society. And that included zero population growth and an eventual decline in population that would be deemed ideal for nature to allow for this steady state system.

Its a very touchy subject to discuss population control as those of the Christian faith believe its their god given right and duty to “be fruitful and multiply”.

Problem with that archaic mindset is it no longer applies.

The earth is supporting way too many people now, which is roughly calculated at over 7 billion. We are like a cancer, using up every resource we can, and in the process creating a manmade 6th mass extinction of species on this planet.

And as climate change is predicted to do, temperatures will rise in parts of the world, along with sea level rise and that’s going to cause a mass exodus from those areas severely impacted. Regions less impacted by climate change will I stead be deluged by refugees trying to escape from the very thing they helped to create, not thinking about how they could have done their part to slow or even possibly reversed it.

So I say stay the hell away from the region known as Ecotopia. We are already doing our part regionally. Maybe you should have elected in officials who actually reviewed the science and initiated measures to help mitigate the very thing you helped create. Instead of building houses out of wood that can be destroyed on a whim by tornados, you should be looking at ways to fortify your homes. Instead of burning fossil fuels and inhibiting truly clean energy production, and learning to adapt to you environment.

We don’t want you here. I can only hope we can close our borders and protect what we have worked hard at creating and protecting in this part of the country.